Radios with GPS


The stock radio does not have a GPS system.  This reduces some of the functionally of the Slingshot and requires the mounting of a portable GPS.  Given the layout of the dashboard, mounting can be somewhat difficult. 

So if you bought a Slingshot without a radio, then why not buy a radio with GPS.  We know some of our riding friends will tell us "I've been riding a bike for 30 years without a radio.  Why the hell should I buy one now?"  Well the answer is that it adds a lot of functionally to your ride, it's fun, it's cool and just because you can.

  Pioneer AVH-4100NEX

We have spent hours in research for what radio/GPS would be the best fit for the Slingshot.  At the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in January this year, Pioneer unveiled their new  AVIC-4100NEX DVD radio.  They consider this family DVD Receivers to be their Flagship models.  This radio has a 7" touch screen display that fits perfectly into the Slingshot.  It is compatible with the Slingshot backup camera which we  will have  for you, as well. The display screen is removable so that bad guys  cannot see what it is.  This receiver has FM, AM and HD radio.  You can connect SiriusXM  to it as well. If you have a smart phone, you can run all of your apps on this receiver.  This is a truly increasable radio.  The things that it can do will blow you right out of your seat.  Check them out at


But then you say, "what about the GPS".  Yes!  This receiver does not have GPS.  But wait....there is more.  Pioneer make a GPS unit that mates with this receiver. 

Pioneer AVIC-U260

Details are at



This Receiver/GPS combination makes this  system one of the best for the Slingshot because the face plate of the receiver is removable.  If a bad guy still steals the receiver, you still have the GPS berried  under the dash,    The list price  for these systems are $700 for the AVIC-4100NEX and $400 for the AVIC-U260.  This may seem to be a steep price for this combination but compared to the price of the stock radio, it is a steel.  We are an authorized dealer for Pioneer for units sold at our Madera facility.  We are not authorized to sell them over the internet.  So unless you come to Madera, you will have to buy them at Best Buy or other authorized stores in your area.  Please checkout our prices on the 'Audio Package and Price' page.

But wait!  What about the speakers?  We have ridden in a Slingshot with the stock radio turned on.  The faster you go, the harder it is to hear sound from the speakers so you keep increasing the volume.  If you are like us, we like to listen to talk radio. At about 40 mph, you can not understand anything that is said.   You might say that you can hear it, but does it sound like the systems in your car?  No!  So how do you get the sound to your ears without speakers?  The obvious answer is headsets.  Please go to our  "Headsets" page to learn more. 
Most of you will want to add Sirius XM to your Pioneer App radio.  Check it out on our Sirius XM page.