Polaris Slingshot

I thought that I was finally retired!  Then I saw this magnificent beast and new I had to have one.  I bought the base model, mostly because I thought the red color looked cheap.   Black and silver is gorgeous.  All of kids in my neighborhood call it the 'Bat Mobile'.  I agree!  So then I decided to put a radio with GPS into my Slingshot.  Then I realized that there are some fantastic headsets that go with the radio.  The company that makes the headsets makes a miniature video camera that attaches to your helmet.  You can even talk through your headsets and it will be recorded on the video.  Additionally, there are some Android Apps that turn your smart phone into gauges that show  0 to 60 times and engine information like water temp, oil pressure, etc.

So this website is devoted to accessories that you can install yourself.  I will sell you the components and provide you with detail instructions and videos of how to install these items.