What about the speakers?  We have ridden in a Slingshot with the stock radio turned on.  The faster you go, the harder it is to hear sound from the speakers so you keep increasing the volume.  If you are like us, we like to listen to talk radio. At about 40 mph, you can not understand anything that is said.   You might say that you can hear it, but does it sound like the systems in your car?  No!  So how do you get the sound to your ears without speakers?  The obvious answer is headsets. Again, we have done considerable research into headsets for motorcycle helmets.  We have determined the the Sena 20S is the best fit for the Pioneer GPS Receiver and smart phones.  Please go to the following link and watch the videos.


Sena 20S

A pair of these headset sell for $494.   A single 20S costs  $269. This is the Minimum Advertised Price(MAP) that is set by the manufacture, thus this is our price, as well. Again, this is a steep price, however, you get what you pay for. These headsets are simply the best and we believe that if you are willing to spend $22,000 or more for a Slingshot, then you want the  best accessories available on the market.

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