Bluetooth Adapters


A few year ago I built a Factory Five Shelby Cobra replica.  One of my friends installed a 0 to 60 MPH time gauge in his Cobra.  So I began a search on the net for one of these gauges and learned about OBDII dongel.

Turn Your Phone Into a Heads-Up Display

After plugging this device into the OBD II port in your Slingshot foot well, you pair the device with your phone just like any Bluetooth device. From there you can use a variety of both free and inexpensive programs to;

Measure OBD Data streams

Scan and clear CELs

View Multiple Customizable gauges

Keep Data logs

Monitor MPG and Fuel Efficiency

View Engine Sensor Data

This device works with both Apple devices and Android, as well.  Please go to the following page and see how it works with Android devices.


If you have an Apple device, then check out this page.


We are pleased to provide you with an OBDII dongle made by Vgate.  The apps for your smart phone are downloaded from Google or Apple Store.

Please visit our page for a mount which will hold your smart phone in your Slingshot


Our price for the Vgate OBDII dongle is $45.